Dog Probiotic Chews With Prebiotics

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Your dog’s health starts from within. Paw Choice daily probiotic chews contain a powerful combination of our patented probiotic and prebiotics to supply your dog with beneficial "good" bacteria. 

Create a positive bonding experience with your dog with these delicious duck-flavored soft chews your dog will love like a treat!

Key Benefits:

  • Supports A Healthy Digestive Tract
  • Supports Microbial Balance 
  • Improves Regularity & Digestion 
  • Helps Immune System & Overall Wellness
    $18.95 $25.00
    • Our patented probiotic is clinically studied and is extremely stable, meaning it actually stays alive until it reaches your dog’s digestive tract. This is essential to the effectiveness of probiotics for dogs!
    • Provides extra support during bowel movement issues like diarrhea and during/after taking antibiotics.
    • Made in the USA in facility regularly audited by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).
    • Contains no wheat, corn or artificial ingredients.
    • Each bag contains 60 chews.

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