About Us


Our Story

We founded Paw Choice® to bring something new to the pet industry.

We’ve gone through and seen the heartbreak that comes from a pet passing away too early or suddenly from health issues.

Like all passionate dog lovers, we wanted our dogs to live the healthiest and longest lives they could. If you're a pet parent, we're sure you can relate!

But we were tired of poor quality and cheap ingredients, safety issues, products that didn’t produce the results they said they would, and the impersonal nature of the big corporate brands.

So we set out to fix this!
Now years later, we have tens of thousands of customers and tons of messages telling us how much our products have helped their pets!


Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to improve the health and lives of dogs inside and out.

We created our unique line of pet health supplements and grooming products to do just that.

They're made with natural ingredients and manufactured in the USA using the highest standards of quality and safety.
We understand they’re not just pets, but members of the family and that viewpoint guides everything we do.

    The Heart Of Paw Choice Is Reliability

    Being reliable is a key foundation of our company. It's what sets us apart.

    So what does being reliable mean to us?

    It Means Being Safe. The safety of your furry family is our top priority. All of our products are proudly made in the USA using the safest and best manufacturing standards possible.

    It Means Being Effective. We're obsessed with creating the best products possible that actually do what they are supposed to do. When it comes to improving your pet’s life, we don’t mess around.

    It Means Superb Customer Service. We strive to give your an amazing buying experience. We are here for you before, during and after your purchase to answer questions or fix any issues. Some companies might view customer service as a chore, but we enjoy it!

    Betterment Through Community 

    Beyond our own company, we love bringing awareness to and supporting various groups and causes that work on behalf of dogs. We're passionate about our mission and so are our customers. As a community, we can bring about real improvement in the lives of dogs. We hope you'll join us!  

    Welcome to the Paw Choice family!  

    Scott, David, and Jessica
    Founders, Paw Choice


    Some Of Our Fans!

    Based on 258 reviews
    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Dog loves them!

    My vet gave a thumbs up to probiotics, and my dog looks forward to them every morning!

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Great product

    My lab was having digestive problems.. I started her on This product 6 months ago... She has NO PROBLEMS now!!!

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Soft and flavorful

    I like that each piece is soft. At first, I thought it would be too big for our 5lb (Maltipoo) puppy, but because it breaks apart it's a perfect 'treat.' Our bigger dog (Samoyed) loves these too. I use them as a daily training treat!

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Sarah C.
    love these probiotics!

    I love these probiotics for my dog. Barkley has been doing really well with them and I like that these chews also include digestive enzymes. He eats them like treats with no problem and always wants more!

    It works

    My dog can walk better with the hip and joint supplement.

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Dogs love them

    My dogs love them they think there treats. I feel good knowing my dogs getting the probiotics they need.

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Jessica Y.
    Great product

    My dog gobbles these down. Great product

    Love it !

    My 14year old 77pd Siberian Husky was having trouble getting up steps, a week after using these 4 times a day he's doing so much better, he thinks they are treats ! Thank you Paw Choice 💋

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Tara M.
    Good Product

    Dog seems to like and less issues with digestions - win/win

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Dog likes them and Vet supports Probiotics

    I asked my Vet about Probiotics for dogs at our last visit and she said she was a supporter of this product. So I ordered the small package to give it a try and my dog liked them very much, so just ordered the larger bottle. Give them a try!

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    No more room clearing farts

    My two frenchies, despite being on a grain free, limited ingredient diet, were constantly clearing out the room with their farts. I can tell when it’s coming for me too when they suddenly look at me and grin. Praise you Jesus for these little nuggets! They have virtually eliminated the horrid stench that my little fur babies let out of their poop shoots. They even love the taste and they are very picky eaters. If you have the same problem as my household did, then these treats are for your doggie(s)! You’ll thank the Lord and me too!

    dry shampoo

    Love this product. Easy to use helps keep Winston clean between baths. Since he is so big it is hard for me to get him his bath

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Alyssa H.
    Perfect probiotic for dogs

    I really like this probiotic. It’s been working well for my dog. I usually have to hide vitamins and medicine in his food but with this probiotic he eats these treats right up with out having to do anything. Highly recommend!

    Probiotics for Dogs with Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes | 120 Soft Chews
    Tara M.
    Greatly helped my dog's digestive health

    My dog has always had a sensitive stomach as a result of a severe intestinal infection when he was a puppy (he was a rescue with a lot of health problems). He is 4 years old now and, despite keeping him on a strict diet and carefully monitoring the ingredients in his food/treats, he often experienced loose stool and gas. Since putting him on this product, his bowel movements are almost always normal and his gas episodes have been eliminated altogether. I don't even have to give him the full recommended amount (the directions indicate 3 pieces per day for his weight, but I only give him 2). Highly recommended if you have a dog with stomach issues!

    Great product

    My dog really likes the chews. She acts a lot younger than a dog going on 9. Lots of energy and playfulness. I give her one with breakfast and the other one with dinner.

    Glucosamine Joint Supplement For Dogs
    Michelle K.
    The Best

    Meet Chloe and Chelsea. Chloe is roughly 4 years old she is a pitbull/bulldog mix and Chelsea is a 13 year old min pin. Your hip and joint product has helped my girls so much. Chloe has had hip issues but now she acts just like a puppy and has not more hip pain. Chelsea is getting up there in the years and has had a hard time jumping, not any more she is doing great! Will be ordering another bottle. Thanks for your amazing products.

    Can we give it 100 stars???

    I have 2 Doxies, 1 Jack Russel with hip issues and a 13 year old Labrador. Glucosamine is vital for the doxies as it helps them with their backs. I was looking for something more, as my 13 year old Lab was having issues with her arthritis, this product not only contains the right amount of glucosamine but additionally has Turmeric which helps with inflammation and pain. The chews are solid without being over-baked or stinky like other chews I have tried. My little ones love the taste, my Lab does not, but she is a very odd dog who does not like any kind of treats, but the chews are a size I can push them down her throat like a pill without making her choke. The company is great - I had emailed them to ask when the product would be back on stock and David not only gave me an ETA but followed up with other emails - great customer service ! Best thing.... My Labrador loved to throw herself on the ground and do what I called bicycle air exercises and she had not done that for over a year - 2 weeks after starting with these chews.. look at the picture... BICYCLE RACE BICYCLE RACE.. ALL I WANT TO DO IS BICYCLE, BICYCLE !!! Paw Choice, you have no idea how happy you have made me, seeing my Lab active again, is priceless. And I know my little ones are being supported early on.

    Product works as advertised!

    I have been using these for a few months now and have seen considerable improvement in our 8 year old Griffin's ability to get up from a lying position. I do have to hide them in dog food meatballs but other than that I highly recommend them.

    Works Great!!

    I have a Mini Aussie that’s not so Mini. We use to be able to bathe him when he was a pup. He is way too big now to bathe in our tub so using the Dry Dog shampoo is a blessing!! He gets clean and smells great too!! He even doesn’t mind his baths anymore!! This is a great product!!

    Great for my furbabies

    My oldest furbaby is 8 years old (giant sized), and has stomach problems. While her vet prescribed her prescription medication. I have found that these Probiotic Chews With Prebiotics do a great job with her tummy. And I don't have to try and trick her into taking a pill.

    My furbaby and I both love these chews!

    Amazing product

    This dry shampoo is amazing!!! The aroma is great and fresh, my shorkie has a lot of fur and she gets dirty very easy and usually when I give her a bath it takes me 30' to leave it clean but with this product in only 5 minutes she was so clean and she smelled so great I couldn't believe it. Highly recommended


    After taking these for only a couple of weeks now, my 15-year old is feeling like a puppy again!!


    Love it!

    Thanks for a such a great product. It saves me so much time and keeps any dog odor away.

    Great Shampoo!

    The dry shampoo smells so good and its great between showers... Just a pump or two is all it takes!

    Happy to hear you like it and thanks for sharing a great pic!

    (This review was mistakenly submitted under the wrong product)

    My dogs loves it!

    Not only have the Paw Choice probiotic chews helped my dogs' digestion, but they also love them and thinks that they are getting a treat!