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  • Waterless Dry Dog Shampoo
  • Dog Probiotic Chews with Prebiotics
  • Glucosamine Joint Gel Supplement
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Waterless Dry Dog Shampoo

#1 - How Much Should I use?

Since this product isn't washed off, it's important to not use too much. A little goes a long way. What we recommend starting with is using one pump on one section of your dog, spreading it out and rubbing it in, and then applying another pump to a different section that wasn't reached, if needed. Using too much in one spot can result in the coat being sticky or looking greasy - see Tip #3 on how to handle this.

#2 - How Should I Apply It?

1. Start with one pump. You can either apply the foam directly to your dog's coat or you can apply to your hands first. 2. Spread it evenly over the surface of the coat as much as possible. 3. Massage it into the coat - you can use your hands, gloves or a towel to massage the shampoo through your dog's coat. 4. A brush can be used to help evenly distribute the foam through the coat. This is especially helpful for dogs with longer or thicker hair.

#3 - What Should I Do After I Apply It?

Your dog can air dry and there is no rinsing required (you can rub with a dry towel to speed up the drying process). Brushing your dog after they are dry is recommended and will help remove any loose hairs or matting that may have occurred. If you ever feel like you put too much on, you can remove the excess by rubbing your dog's coat with a dry or damp towel.

#4 - Do I still have to give full baths if I use this?

A full bath is always the best way to clean and remove dirt. Think of our product as a way freshen up, remove odor and extend the time between full baths, or when a bath is not an option.

Dog Probiotic Chews with Prebiotics

#1 - How should I give them to my dog?

The great thing about our chews is that you can give it to them anytime, anywhere. You can put them in their food or give it to them separately as a treat.

#2 - Do I need to refrigerate them?

Our chews can be stored in a cool, dry place and do not need to be refrigerated. Our patented strain of probiotic has extremely high survivability and will remain “alive” all the way to your dog’s digestive system. This is very important for probiotics to be effective.

Glucosamine Joint Gel Supplement

#1 - How much should I give my dog?

Give it to your dog daily following the dosage recommendations on the bottle for your dog's weight.

#2 - How should I give it to my dog?

You can give it to them by putting on their food on giving it to them separately as a treat. This is a supplement they'll love to eat!

#3 - Do I need to do a loading phase?

It's not required, but we do recommend a loading phase because it helps to build up your dog's levels of glucosamine quicker and gives them faster results. If your dog was already consistently taking another joint supplement before using ours, the loading phase probably isn't necessary.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

#1 - How much should I give my pet?

We recommend using one pump per 20 pounds of their body weight. For example: Up to 20lbs = 1 pump, 21lbs to 40lbs = 2 pumps, 41lbs to 60lbs = 3 pumps, and so on. For all cats we recommend 1 pump.

#2 - How should I administer it?

You can pump it directly onto your pet's food daily. You can either give the day's serving all at once or split it up between two feedings (example: 1 pump in the morning and 1 pump in the evening for a dog that needs two pumps). Be sure to use it consistently for best results.

#3 - Is Your Salmon Oil Safe?

We adhere to the highest possible quality standards for our salmon oil. It is from 100% wild, never farmed, non-GMO Alaskan salmon. It is bottled in a FDA registered, Good Manufacturing Practices certified (cGMP) facility. Each batch is tested for purity and freshness and passes the high US and International standards.


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