Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil For Pets | 16oz

  • Paw Choice Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil provides your pet a superior, all-natural source of beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA, along with naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants.

    Give your pet all the amazing health benefits of Omega 3s with a rich salmon taste they’ll absolutely go wild for!

    The 16 oz bottle comes with a pre-measured pump that is quick and easy to use with no leaking, dripping or mess.

    Key Benefits:

    • Promotes Healthy Skin & Coat.
    • Supports Heart, Eye & Brain Health.
    • Helps Reduce Inflammation & Joint Pain.
    • 100% Wild (Never Farmed), Non-GMO Alaskan Salmon Oil.
    • All Natural; Toxin Free; No Additives.

Naturally Occurring Antioxidants and Nutrients

Unlike many other sources of oil, wild Alaskan salmon oil contains naturally occurring minerals, vitamins, and beneficial antioxidants, like Astaxanthin and Vitamin E.

The Highest Quality for Your Pet

Quality and safety are top priorities for us. Our oil is from 100% wild-caught, never farmed, non-GMO salmon sourced exclusively from Alaska.

It’s bottled in the USA, toxin and mercury free and passes strict US and International standards for purity and freshness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Great for itchy skin!

I felt I needed to post my experience with this product. We have two dogs and I have been buying a lot of products to help them. Both out GSD’s have horribly itchy skin in the winter. (We live in the Adirondack mountains) Since using this product (4 days!) they have stopped itching and their coats look more shinny and smooth. They love the taste as they even lick it off the bottom of the bowl after I put it in their food. Highly satisfied and will buy again!

Love this!

This stuff is amazing it works great on my animals. It smells great and is very moisterizing. I'll recommend to all my friends and family great product for a great price!

Five Stars

Dog loves it and her coat is softer!

No more flaky skin!

My dog has always been prone to flaky skin during the colder months and I never knew what to do. Someone recommended I try out salmon oil and they were correct. I started putting it on his food and just after a couple days I am already seeing a difference. His coat is shinier than ever and the dry skin is disappearing. I thought he wasnt going to like the taste but as soon as I pull out the bottle he runs to his food dish to eat so he must love it. I was skeptical but it truly is amazing!!

Salmon oil is high in EPA and DHA

I personally have not tasted, but my dogs do not mind it. In fact, when we feed them, they wait until it is added before they eat. I want to keep my fur babies healthy by healthy foods and vitamins. I recently read the benefits of having salmon oil for you dogs. I feed them a good grain free, sugar free, gmo free dog food. I do ad vitamins and now this in their food. We recently lost one of our dogs, due to cancer, it was very hard on the family. He didn't show signs and was only 8. We are hoping by making healthier choice for our dogs, they will be healthier and live longer.

My husky loves it!

My Husky is super picky but starts licking her lips when she knows I put this oil on her food. She loves it! So happy to find a supplement she will actually eat, and can’t wait to see the results!

Easy to use

I have a Morkie and a Pitbull and have been looking for something to help their coats stay looking healthy and shiny. This is really easy to use since it has a pump and I put a few squirts on their food each day. It helps that they don't mind the taste.

Dogs love

So far so good! My dogs love it and wait for this to be put on their food. It’s super easy to use and is completely mess free which we love. Will definitely buy more!